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  • CST Pellet Stove
    Item # 12345616

    CST Pellet Stove

    The larger certified model, the CST, when properly installed can be used in homes, off grid cabins, and other structures where electr...
  • CSS Pellet Stove
    Item # 12345615

    CSS Pellet Stove

    The smaller certified model, the CSS, when properly installed can be used in smaller homes, off grid cabins, ice fishing houses and other
  • RE Pellet Stove
    Item # 12345613

    RE Pellet Stove

    The larger RE model is an excellent heater for tent camping, hunting and ice fishing shelters. Ideal for tents 14x16 and larger. Set up in
  • RME Pellet Stove
    Item # 12345614

    RME Pellet Stove

    The smaller RME model is meant for use in tents up to 12x14 and smaller ice fishing shelters. Set up in less than 5 minutes. Pour in ...
  • Vented Door
    Item # 12345611

    Vented Door

    Newly designed and now standard on every stove that is sold, this vented door adds the ability to adjust the airflow to regulate the temperature to...
  • Waterproof Fire Stick Stove Starters
    Item # 12345610

    Waterproof Fire Stick Stove Starters

    A fast, easy way to start any Clarry Pellet Stove. Just arrange 3-4 sticks "tepee style" in the ash drawer and light. They will produce a 5 inch hi...
  • Grate #1
    Item # 1234564

    Grate #1

    This replacement grate can be used if and when the original grate burns out and needs to be replaced. Made of durable Stainless Steel, this grate, ...
  • Flue Pipe 2:4
    Item # 1234563

    Flue Pipe 2:4

    This 2' long pipe is approved to use as part of the venting system on the Clarry Pellet Stove. Use in conjunction with the adjustable flue connecto...
  • The Ecofan
    Item # 1234562

    The Ecofan

    The Ecofan is powered by the heat of the stove and provides air/heat circulation when no power is available. A truly amazing addition to the Clarry...
  • Cleaning Rod
    Item # 123456

    Cleaning Rod

    Cleaner shaft rod attaches to Cleaner brush to easily clean both straight flue pipes and angled flue connectors
  • Cleaner Head
    Item # 123453

    Cleaner Head

    Cleans standard 4” flue pipes and keeps them safe and efficient. Requires a cleaner shaft rod for proper use. (Rod not included)
  • Ash Drawer
    Item # 123451

    Ash Drawer

    There have been several different Ash Drawers used through the years. In order to make sure that you get the correct replacement size, please inclu...
  • Adjustable Flue Connector
    Item # 12345

    Adjustable Flue Connector

    This adjustable connector is used for making those turns from the straight flue pipe to the outlet of the chimney. These high quality connectors wi...

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