Hunting and Camping Pellet Stoves

When there’s no available power source, turn to a portable Clarry pellet stove. The perfect hunting or camping trip companions, our portable pellet stoves keep you warm in below-freezing temperatures and provide an unmatched level of fuel efficiency. Our RE and RME models weigh in at 110 and 70 pounds respectively, and they can break down into a compact collection of component parts for easy transportation.

The Clarry portable pellet stove features so many multi-faceted conveniences that you’ll never want to leave home without one in tow. For starters, it’s far more efficient than an ordinary wood stove or fireplace in terms of combustion and heat duration. Furthermore, the design doesn’t use an auger, which means it doesn’t require electricity. This also means you don’t have to worry about component malfunctions while out in the wilderness. Under normal operating conditions, the Clarry camping pellet stove can burn through a single forty-pound bag of pellets with 6% moisture in about eight hours. This is eight hours of heat at a consistent intensity level.

While both versions of the uncertified RE and RME models of camping pellet stove are entirely capable of long-distance travel, they each have their own specific use. The larger RE model is an excellent heat source in large camping tents and temporary hunting/ice fishing shelters. This model consumes about four to five pounds of wood pellets per hour and is ideal in medium to large spaces (14’x16’ or larger). The smaller RME model, on the other hand, is designed for use in spaces up to 12’x14’. This small model consumes about three to four pounds of wood pellets per hour and works wonders in small ice fishing shelters and camping tents. Whichever model you choose, you’ll never have to worry about keeping warm during an outdoor excursion again.

How It Works

People wonder how the Clarry® Stove could possibly work with no auger, no fan, and no electricity. This video describes in basic detail how the stoves operate.

Jim Zumbo

If you have ever been miserable in a hunting tent or fishing shack due to lack of steady heat, the Clarry Pellet Stove is the answer. For those chilly fall...

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