Gravity-Fed Pellet Stoves

The Clarry gravity-fed pellet stove’s unique features reimagine and redefine off-the-grid heating. An ordinary pellet stove uses an auger to consistently feed pellets into a burn box. This provides heat. An electric, or motorized, auger necessitates electricity, which isn’t always available during hunting or camping trips.

But the Clarry gravity-fed pellet stove doesn’t use an auger—it uses gravity. This essentially creates a self-feeding pellet stove that does away with the potential mechanical failings of an auger. You’ll no longer have to worry about foreign objects and debris finding their way into the hopper and jamming the auger. This also means you don’t have to constantly clean the hopper, replace the auger, or install a new motor. As the Clarry self-feeding pellet stove consumes fuel, the pellets continuously slide down into the firebox at a consistent and steady rate. It only takes 15 minutes for temperatures to exceed 900 degrees in the fire chamber and 500 degrees at the heat exchanger. One 40-pound bag of pellets at under 6% moisture will provide consistent heat for about eight hours. These performance metrics are slightly variable depending on the exterior wall material, the degree of insulation, and the outside temperature. You can always rely on a Clarry self-feeding pellet stove to perform dependably in a wide range of environments.

One of the last things any outdoorsman wants to see after setting up base camp in a frigid environment is a mechanical failure occur that disables their primary source of heat. The risk of something like this happening is unacceptable, so it was critical that we eliminate this possibility entirely during the design stage. In short, we’ve achieved and, in some cases, exceeded our goals. A Clarry gravity-fed pellet stove keeps you warm and saves you money—and there’s nothing else quite like it on the market.



How It Works

People wonder how the Clarry® Stove could possibly work with no auger, no fan, and no electricity. This video describes in basic detail how the stoves operate.

Jim Zumbo

If you have ever been miserable in a hunting tent or fishing shack due to lack of steady heat, the Clarry Pellet Stove is the answer. For those chilly fall...

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