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The Clarry® Pellet Stove was developed by Larry Hepper, hunter and inventor, in association with Carl Williamson. Larry has spent many years in charge of maintaining all of the equipment in use by one of the northwest’s largest commercial contractors. He has built a career based on creative repairs and systems for extending the life of tools used in everyday construction. But his first love has been the time he has spent in the mountains of the northwest as a game hunter. The original Clarry® stove is a product of his experience and his passion for creating a more enjoyable hunting experience. And now, because many of our customers have asked for it, the new certified version of the stove can be used in other structures where no power is available, or as a back-up source of heat in areas where there are frequent power failures in structures as outlined in the manual.

Frank Vandeventer headed the company where Larry has worked for many years. He has watched the ten-year process that led to the development of the stove and has been the major cheerleader. Now retired, he is involved in the management of the Clarry® Pellet Stove company.

The partners believe that the Clarry® Pellet Stove is so unique that it has been Patented.

How It Works

People wonder how the Clarry® Stove could possibly work with no auger, no fan, and no electricity. This video describes in basic detail how the stoves operate.

Jim Zumbo

If you have ever been miserable in a hunting tent or fishing shack due to lack of steady heat, the Clarry Pellet Stove is the answer. For those chilly fall...

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